Cyber Intelligence House is an independent company specializing in cyber exposure. We discover breached credentials and stolen information fast to minimize damage from a breach. We help individuals and organizations to manage their risks and help companies to communicate their exposure to their stakeholders, meet compliance requirements such as GDPR and manage their operational security. Cyber Intelligence House launched the technology in 2012 and was incorporated in 2015 in Singapore.

Indexing the Unknown

The story began when we started exploring the un-indexed parts of the internet: the dark web and deep web. There was no general index of what is online and where to find it, so we started creating a list of known sites.

Archiving what’s Necessary

The nature of information published in the dark web and deep web is very temporary; the information you seek might be gone in five minutes. With this in mind, we began archiving information as and when we saw it. This is why we can provide results that date back five+ years.

Providing Intelligence

Not all information is equal. Our quest remains to make sure that we have access to the sources where the most important discussions take place. At the same time, we distill the information so that you can understand its magnitude and act upon it.

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Director, Enterprise Risk Services
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Head of Operations
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