About Cyber Intelligence House

Security risks are growing. It’s difficult to find talent. This results in security people working long hours.

Our mission is to help organisations prioritize their precious security resources.

Our team responds to more than 200 weekly requests from our customers for investigations, risk mitigation, deeper insights into emerging threats, and security control implementation.

When cyber risks are managed well, people are more productive and their overall wellbeing improves.

Stable and systematic

Standard Operation Procedures are important for me as an analyst.

We take management seriously. We are responsible to our customers, our staff, our investors and the communities in which we operate.

We are mission-focused, professionally managed, well funded and cashflow-positive. This enables greater quality – from systematic software development processes and testing to financial stability. The standard you walk past becomes the standard you accept. We hold ourselves accountable and set a high bar for quality, anti-bribery, governance and for ourselves as stewards within our business.

Words and certifications are important, but they’re only part of the solution. We avoid working with clients who have a bad reputation or whose business causes more problems than it solves. We don’t pretend to save the world single-handedly, but if everyone pulls their weight, all the small things add up.

Driving innovation

I learn something new every day. I work with research and new technology and I love the atmosphere – not as many restrictions as in other companies or schools.

We invest heavily in R&D. Sometimes the outcomes are not directly what we expected, but we keep them anyway as seeds for innovation. We systematically collect ideas and feedback from everybody: customers, staff, academia, researchers and interns. In the business of intelligence, it’s not just new features that matter but how information is consumed and how to make the end user’s life easier. By combining all these factors, we populate our roadmap with fresh and feasible ideas that continuously improve the experience value.

Diverse and fair

I have freedom to express myself and space to develop myself, a place where my opinion matters.

The junior analyst position is the first job for many people. We cooperate with schools and universities; interns get proper hands-on work experience, and after graduation they continue in the industry or stay with us. We adopt fair and progressive employment practices as HR strategies. This is crucial in order to create and sustain an inclusive workplace and promote the well-being of employees.

We strongly believe in smart people doing smart things. Instead of a massive headcount and silos in the organization, our greatest pride is our amazing team, which counts 16 nationalities and over 20 languages. We measure everyone’s motivational drivers systematically to provide them with a meaningful scope of work that gives them energy and in turn also helps with work-life balance.

We have minimized bureaucracy from situations where it is not needed, like short-term sick leave, and we work based on trust and results. At the same time, we love our work, and we’re passionate about intelligence. We hire people who share our love of creating value for our customer. You will be welcome at CIH whatever your origins, gender, lifestyle or character!

What we value

I like working in the continuously challenging and dynamic environment at CIH because at the same time I can get answers to all my questions, people are helpful, and the general atmosphere is nice.

Continuous learning

The landscape where we operate is changing, continuously. We often find ourselves exploring new challenges, in technology, processes, and the consumption of intelligence. Nobody can claim to be expert in that. Although we have seniority and experience in the field, it’s all from the past. We don’t stop – we value continuous learning, and that comes with career roadmaps and educational roadmaps so that everyone has personal direction too, generally aligned with the company.

Radical transparency

Everybody’s ideas are listened to, feedback is shared on the spot – about the ideas, not the people – and we learn from successful execution. We are and feel accountable, and we celebrate victories and recover from losses together – in a safe environment. Continuous growth requires deep conversations and radical transparency, and as a result we have a high-energy environment. We discuss our financials, product development decisions, and hiring of new people internally, and sometimes even externally. You can really say what you think here.

Removing obstacles

There is no cleaning department for your problems. Our attitude is to identify the exact obstacle that is preventing us from reaching the next step and to remove it, not delegate it to another team. When we hear about small bugs, we reshuffle our development roadmap; when the website looks too ugly, we build a new one. Everyone is removing obstacles, not giving them to someone else.

Part of community

I love how chill this work environment is and it doesn’t cause us additional stress. It is very positive and supportive, where everyone here is very approachable and helpful.

We are part of the community too, and we value that. To help our global security friends and individual earthlings, we publish research, tools, and personal exposure monitoring – all available for free. To make a mark locally, we support the use of public transport: our management don’t even own cars and our CFO launches quarterly green initiatives from recycling to cleaner energy. We cooperate with universities, government and global agencies such as the United Nations to support their research with our data, and we also receive insights from them.

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