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Use Case: Manufacturing Company

May 29, 2018
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Use Case: Manufacturing Company


In 2017, this High-tech Manufacturing Company recorded revenues amounting to nearly $10 billion. The company is a leading global provider of transport solutions, transporting one billion people across the world everyday. The company also develops proprietary smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) components, and secure and efficient management of these assets is an important element of their digital platform.
The company has 76,000 employees in more than 100 countries.


In early 2017, the Manufacturer engaged Cyber Intelligence House (CIH) to conduct a cyber exposure assessment. After conducting this assessment, CIH discovered that:

1) Hackers had obtained access to personal information on 5221 usernames and passwords. This included the CEO, members of the Executive Board and other key personnel.

2) Hackers downloaded 201 cases of personally identifiable information of key personnel. The cybercriminals could have used the information for malicious activities such as transferring money out of victims’ bank accounts, blackmailing the companies’ senior executives and applying for loans and credit cards under the victims’ names.

3) Access to project specific portals containing sensitive Intellectual Property was not well controlled and not limited to members of the assigned project team. As a result, there were 13 leaked confidential internal email messages involving the intellectual property of their clients in the defence industry


The incident proved to the Manufacturer that identity theft posed a real threat. After analysing an array of solutions available in the marketplace over four months, the organisation selected CIH because it was the most comprehensive and continuous monitoring platform in the industry.

The platform was implemented in June 2017, and included:
1) Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MSSP)
2) Managed Web Application Firewall
3) Managed SIEM

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