Cyber Intelligence House provides exposure solutions for wide range of audiences including companies, government agencies, regulators, investors, law enforcement and consumers.




Hacked For Business

Hacked is everyone’s personal password and identity monitoring tool. Hacked discovers your exposure based on keywords you provide such as e-mail address.

The app shows your history of cyber exposure, alerts when new exposure is found and provides recommendations what action to take in each case. Hacked is available for both Android and IOS platforms. You can download it for free.
Hacked For Business
Hacked for Business provides all same functionalities plus centralized management and consolidated view to manage exposure of all users within the organization. It is easy way to discover emerging threats early and the solution helps you to comply with standards like GDPR.
Hacked for Business is security management and compliance tool, great employee benefit and corporate gift for customers or partners.

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Integrated Intelligence

Our platform inter-operates with other critical components of larger information technology ecosystems.

With open standards file formats, documented APIs, and plugin architecture, our solution gives users maximum control over their data. Whether it is our reports or raw data – it can be integrated. Useful for KYC, Payment gateways, payment processors, point of sales operators, cryptocurrency exchanges, airlines and e-commerce.

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For Law


For Law Enforcement

Our services for law enforcement vary from providing an investigation platform that makes evidence collection easy and speeds up the process to data exchange, analysis and investigative work.

Both investigations and intelligence benefit from our services.

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