Protect your organization

Cyber Intelligence House provides exposure solutions for a wide range of
audiences including companies, government agencies, regulators,
investors, law enforcement and consumers.

Exposed information

What has been leaked outside your organization

Monitoring helps organizations discover their exposed information and enables them to respond to emerging cyber exposure threats.

CIH’s dynamic crawler data acquisition system continuously searches the dark web, deep web and other data breaches to provide real-time notifications as well as historical presentation of leaked information.

Dashboards enable rapid comprehension of risks, while providing specific views for different users and use cases; risk officers, auditors, analysts etc.

Data is accessed through dashboards, alerts to email and APIs. The stand alone solution can integrate with SIEMs and SOCs

Vulnerable assets

Asset discovery starts with entering known information such as domain names, IP address etc. The tool automatically suggests assets that may belong to your organisation. This provides an ‘attacker’s view’ of your organisation.

Asset map visualises the security posture of your internet facing assets. By creating custom groupings, you can organize assets based on your business structure.

Continuous Testing

Automation is unique to Cyber Intelligence House

Infrastructure testing
Compilation of open source tools, scripts and commercial scanners for detecting operating system and service level vulnerabilities.

Application testing
Set of specific tools for testing weaknesses such as input and output validation, injections and OWASP top 10.

Penetration testing
Combination of periodical manual testing, repeated continuously by robots to detect flaws in application logic and access control

Personnel Risk

Identify personnel risk while staying compliant

Personnel Risk module identifies availability of information that can be used for impersonation, phishing and fraud.

Cross-referencing multiple sources such as websites, social media and leaked accounts individuals associated with the organization are suggested.

Without revealing the personal details the module produces remediations how individual can reduce their harmful exposure.


Our 24×7 analyst team provides additional context to findings, conducts further investigations and provides additional remediation advice. We serve a global customer base in 20 languages. You can reach out support through any module or built-in chat.

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