What is cyber exposure?

Data exposure refers to a situation in which sensitive information is exposed to the public. Even a small data leak is a major concern for businesses and individuals. Exposure leads to further attacks. For example, leaked passwords from third-party sites may lead to compromised systems in another company, as up to 80% of people reuse their passwords, and being a company on a target list will lead to almost 100% certainty of web application and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

When exposure is detected, early organisations are able to proactively prevent damages. Cyber Intelligence House is a leading Singapore-based independent cyber intelligence company specialising in the detection and monitoring of cyber exposure from the dark web, the deep web and data breaches.

The majority of data leakage incidents are accidental. For example, an employee may unintentionally send an email to the wrong person or grant an outsider access to the company system. Unfortunately, unintentional data leakages can still result in the same damages as intentional data breaches.

An intentional data breach happens when an inside or outside attacker is able to access organisation data. For example, malware is often used to target employees and their computers with a high success rate. In addition, nontechnical methods are effective: a cybercriminal can quite easily spoof a legitimate business email account and request sensitive information to be sent to them. Previous cyber exposure enables these attacks.

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