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Cyber Intelligence House (formerly Kinkayo) is a specialist in Cyber Exposure. We help organisations and individuals to assess their own cyber exposure, take action to mitigate and continuously monitor improvement.

Discover cyber exposure

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Discover cyber exposure

Detect emerging threats that were previously hidden from plain sight. Passwords, company secrets, leaked documents, internal communication or hackers selling your data.

Unbiased view of cyber risks

Our reports, assessments and monitoring provide unbiased view of organisation's cybersecurity. We report actual findings, not estimates.

Benchmark yourself

Cyber exposure risk score allows comparison of all kinds of organisations in all industries. Easily benchmark against your rivals, industry or a specific organization to understand where you stay in terms of cyber exposure.

No installation needed

We will look at your exposure from outsider's perspective. There is absolutely no need for local software installation of any kind. Exposure reports, assessments and monitoring do not interfere with your existing systems.

Real time alerting as you wish

Whether you prefer monthly, weekly or real-time, we can deliver alerts to your existing process whether it is a monitoring solution or if you prefer just an e-mail. Analysed or raw data. Your choice!

Reduce compliance risks immediately

Detect leaked personal information, health records, credit cards and begin investigations immediately.


First step in understanding cyber exposure is to become aware of how much data has already been exposed. Cyber Exposure Report provides 12 months snapshot of any organization’s cyber exposure. You can benchmark an organization against others or an industry. The report helps you to identify trends and it comes with best practice remediation strategies. Report is useful for many stakeholders such as compliance officers, security managers, business owners, board members, management teams, financial analysts, fund managers, security researchers and lawyers.

Download sample report (pdf, 600Kb)
Exposure report
Snapshot of any organization’s exposure

This report can be used to assess an organisation's cyber risk, communicate exposure to stakeholders, meet compliance requirements and manage operational security.
Please note that these results are based on entered domain names only and do not necessarily reflect all possible risks. Providing a full picture of cyber exposure requires a deeper investigation by our analysts, who are available through our more comprehensive Cyber Exposure Assessment.

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Exposure Assessment
In-depth analysis and complete picture of your exposure
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Conduct a deep-dive assessment to gain in-depth understanding of what information has been exposed and what remediation strategies to use. This will help you to discover what information has been exposed, and the options for mitigating the emerging risks. Cyber Exposure Assessment is beneficial for security managers, internal security teams, CIOs, CTOs and security auditors.

Exposure Monitoring
Continuous monitoring with real time alerts
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Cyber Exposure Monitoring provides notifications and alerts real time when exposure happens. This helps organizations to develop capability to respond to threats emerging from cyber exposure. If there is need for more comprehensive investigations, our analysts will help you. Cyber Exposure Monitoring integrates to security operation centers and internal monitoring solutions like SIEMs. Used by businesses in all industries, internal security teams, MSSPs, SOC operators, security consultants and security auditors.

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Cyber Intelligence House provides tools to assess, monitor and mitigate cyber exposure for different stakeholders.


CIH provides a free personal password and identity monitoring app. Hacked App alerts individuals when their information is compromised.


CIH delivers continuous monitoring to develop capability to respond to threats emerging from cyber exposure.

Regulators & Investors

CIH provides self-managed tools to assess companies’ cyber risk. Regulators can use these tools to monitor overall cyber risk and compliance of companies. Investors can assess the risk level of their portfolios.


CIH delivers an investigation platform that allows law enforcement and investigation authorities to gather evidence and speed up investigations in the darkweb and deepweb.

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