Cyber exposure: Darkweb, Deepweb, Data breaches and asset discovery for cybersecurity professionals.

How does an organization look like from hacker’s perspective?

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Discover assets and shadow IT

  • Start asset discovery with minimal information and knowledge.
  • Discover your internet-facing assets with an interactive Asset Map.
  • Spot shadow IT and missing assets.
  • Implement continuous testing with zero configuration.

Dive deep into cyber exposure

  • Reveal leaked internal passwords, users’ passwords, attack plans and reconnaissance operations, malware and more...
  • Understand asset specific exposure such as past attacks and credentials for sale
  • Understand what others talking about in underground forums
  • Benchmark against other organizations in same industry, location or size

Create compelling reports and fix vulnerabilities faster

  • Step-by-step instructions for remediation
  • Instructions prioritized by: critical, impact, time-to-fix and time-to-attack
  • Export trends, graphs, remediations and findings in various formats such as CSV, PDF, PPTX or through API
  • Integrate with orchestration tools, managed detection and response services or security operation centers.

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