Cyber Intelligence House and Cyberwatch Finland Sign Agreement Intended to Aid in AI-based DARKSOC™ Service

January 24, 2022, Helsinki/Singapore – Cyberwatch Finland, the leading strategic cyber
security analysis company, announced today that it has chosen Cyber Intelligence House as
their Cyber Exposure Platform for the new real-time situational awareness service
A traditional SOC (Security Operations Center) is a facility where a coordinated group of
InfoSec professionals monitors and defends all enterprise information systems against cyber
threats. A SOC identifies potential threats and mitigates them before a serious incident
happens. SOCs are an essential part of the cybersecurity of any cyber-aware organization.
The AI-based DARKSOC™ is rooted in the latest scientific research. It primarily identifies
external cyber threats in the Dark Web and Deep Web but covers the whole ecosystem of the
organization. DARKSOC™ offers a holistic strategic view of the whole cyber threat spectrum
and helps mitigate the various threats more effectively than traditional SOCs.

Cyberwatch’s CEO, Aapo Cederberg, states:
“DARKSOC™ combines the strengths of AI, sensor technology, and human insight to provide
the most comprehensive view of the threat landscape. Cyber Intelligence House provides us
with the industry’s leading Cyber Exposure Platform. We have found it to offer superior
breadth and depth of data from the Dark Web, Deep Web, and cyberspace forums and
marketplaces. The speed and accuracy of the solution are also unrivaled in our experience”.

Cyber Intelligence House’s CEO, Mikko Niemelä, adds:
“We are very excited to be partnering with Cyberwatch Finland. Their Cyber Security expertise
and services are unique in offering organizations’ Executive and Board level guidance on
reducing their corporate risk exposure caused by cyber threats. This partnership is perfectly
aligned with Cyber Intelligence House’s strategy of offering world-class cyber defense through
partnerships with leading MSSPs.”

About Cyberwatch Finland:
Cyberwatch Finland provides unique cyber strategic intelligence capabilities and strategiclevel international expertise and understanding of the cyber world. Cyberwatch leverages its
capabilities with proprietary technology developed in cooperation with leading academic
organizations using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based analysis methods.
Cyberwatch Finland experts interpret and present complex cyber world phenomena and
developments into an easy-to-understand format, utilizing the latest technology, easily
adaptable methods, and various media formats.
Cyberwatch Finland increases the resilience of any organization and helps prevent costly
cyber disasters.

To learn more about Cyberwatch Finland, please visit

About Cyber Intelligence House:
Cyber Intelligence House is a leading cyber intelligence company specialised in helping cyber
security professionals and law enforcement to assess and monitor cyber exposure from the
dark web, deepweb, data breaches and online-assets.
Cyber Intelligence House’s Cyber Exposure Platform (CEP) provides the world’s most
comprehensive Cyber Threat database with over 10 years of data. 24/7 and collection and
storing of new data at a rate of ~600 pages per second (9 GB/sec). CEP delivers unrivalled
search and alerting performance with Deep scanning of over 250 metadata factors and
machine learning enabled categorization of threats to provide deep insights into potential
cyber threats.

To learn more about Cyber Intelligence House, please visit

More information:

Mr. Aapo Cederberg
CEO, Cyberwatch Inc. Finland
[email protected]

Mr. Mikko Niemelä
CEO, Cyber Intelligence House Inc.
[email protected]

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