Increase your capacity for third party risk Assessment and benchmarking for different scenarios

Compare cyber exposure and results to a peer group based on location, industry, or size.

Understand and visualize trends from the same peer groups to create industry or region-specific analysis.

Assess up to 300 organizations at once to create your own benchmark for examples based on your client base.

Join our cutting edge platform with consultancy expertise to:


Grow and scale your business

Open up new marketing opportunities

Save time and gain efficiency

Be a market leader

Being a leader in Cyber security requires increasing resources in terms of skilled and experienced staff that increase the fixed costs of your organization.

The complexity of online threats requires a new approach where vulnerabilities are identified from the outside.

Expand your risk assessment services to include the new paradigm in cyber exposure arising from malicious sources like darkweb, deepweb and hacker forums.


Using our platform to scale their workload

Access to our intelligence

Access to our training sessions

How it Works?

CIH Cyber Exposure Platform UI is designed and automated for consultants perform assessments and analysis faster
Visualize all of your external facing assets and easily identify potential weak points
Access the cyber exposure of your clients in a matter of minutes 

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