Hoxhunt and Cyber Intelligence House announce partnership to connect Cyber Threat Exposure with Employee Cyber Awareness

HELSINKI, FINLAND and LONDON, U.K., November 11, 2021 – Hoxhunt, a premium enterprise
cybersecurity awareness training platform, and Cyber Intelligence House, a leading provider of cyber
intelligence, today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership designed to equip organizations with
unprecedented protection from email attacks leveraging advanced insight across their dark-web-to
employee-inbox lifecycle.

Hoxhunt’s CEO, Mika Aalto stated:
“This partnership with Cyber Intelligence House will open a whole new category of proactive
cybersecurity awareness. Their industry-leading Cyber Exposure Platform adds a superior breadth
and depth of intelligence from the Darkweb, Deep web and cyberspace forums and marketplaces to
our dynamic awareness platform, typically 16 times more data than other solutions. By connecting
threat intelligence with awareness, we can transform insight into foresight. Just imagine knowing an
attack is likely coming and being able to train your employees with simulations of the actual phishing
templates hackers purchased for their attack”.

Cyber Intelligence House’s CEO, Mikko Niemela adds:
“We are very excited to be partnering with Hoxhunt. Their best-in-class Cyber Awareness and
Training platform allows organisations to adapt and defend against the ever rising volume of cyber
threats that our platform identifies”.

About Hoxhunt:
Hoxhunt is a People-First Cybersecurity Platform that protects organizations and their employees
from the risk of cyber attacks. Hoxhunt’s cognitive automation maps individually adaptive training
curriculum to each employee’s skill level for optimal engagement. Hoxhunt empowers
individuals with the tools and confidence to recognize and respond to attacks dynamically over time.
Hoxhunt enables security teams with real-time visibility into threats, so they can react fast and limit
their spread. The entire platform is autonomous, freeing up considerable time for security teams to
focus on what matters.
To learn more about Hoxhunt, please visit https://www.hoxhunt.com or email [email address].

About Cyber Intelligence House:
Cyber Intelligence House is a leading cyber intelligence company specialized in helping cyber security
professionals and law enforcement to assess and monitor cyber exposure from the dark web, deep
web, data breaches and online-assets. It is the trusted provider to government and law enforcement
agencies globally, including Interpol and UNODC.
Cyber Intelligence House’s Cyber Exposure Platform (CEP) provides the world’s most comprehensive
Cyber Threat database with over 10 years of data. 24/7 and collection and storing of new data at a
rate of ~600 pages per second. CEP delivers unrivalled search and alerting performance with Deep
scanning of over 250 metadata factors and machine learning enabled categorization of threats to
provide deep insights into potential cyber threats.
To learn more about Cyber Intelligence House, please visit https://www.cyberintelligencehouse.com
or email [email protected]

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